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Haribo for charity

From 19 July, HARIBO will be running a special promotion for charities. A code is printed on each Gold Bear action bag. You choose your association online (African Information Movement ;-)) and enter the code. At the end of the campaign, the 50 lucky winners of...

What is actually going on at AIM. in Ghana?

It has been a long time since we reported about our activities in Ghana. The main reason for this is that you can read more about it on the separate website of our training centre. However, we would like to give you a short summary...

Election for the Migrant Advisory Council in Freiburg 2020

Our board member Kirstie Angstmann is running for the migrant advisory board. We support her because she stand up for the education of immigrants, especially migrant women. The election will take place on December 13, 2020. You can find more information on the following website...

Vote now for Fundraising Campaign of our German Bank

A fundraising campaign for local NGOs is running on the Facebook page olf our local German bank. Please support our work with a like / thumbs up on the following page. With enough likes, we can make it into the top 10 by October 21,...

Voluntary service with AIM – it goes on :-)

We are very happy. With KulturLife we have found a great sending organization. With departure in August 2020 volunteers can do their service with our partner organisation AIM in Ghana. The selection process is open. More information is available here. ...

Computer courses for pupils – powerful start to the new year

Our partner in Ghana has been very active over the last few months. Many local schools were persuaded to transfer their practical computer lessons to our training centre. They are supported by our AIM. staff during the lessons. Meanwhile computer courses take place almost daily...

Second Solar-Workshop

In the January holidays of the Ghanaian Senior High Schools our second solar workshop for beginners finally took place. Again very interested participants. This time the course took place within 2 weeks, but only in the morning. More information and pictures on the website of our...