Sponsorship for kids & teenager

Help us to help needy children and teenager in Ghana. Become a godfather and give education a chance.


With the sponsorship program AIM. is supporting especially low-income participant of the educational program of our partner organsation AIM. Ghana.


In doing so students of the training center but also from other projects like magazine, movie or environment are considered. committee has constantly meetings and discusses the inquires and decides how the kids could be supported. Examples are financing of school fees, purchasing of learning materials or material benefits for living costs.


Feel free to contact us to talk about more details:

Jörn Preuß

Please transfer your donation to the following donation bank account:


African Inf. Movement e.V.
Sparkasse Freiburg Ndl. Breisgau

Bank identifier code: 68050101
Account number: 13138471
IBAN: DE34 68 0501 0100 1313 8471


Purpose of use: Donation for Sponsorship in Ghana