Project region

Development cooperation


AIM. is active in Komenda, a small village in the Central Region of Ghana. At the moment our work focuses on the construction of a training center for the Youth, which is realised together with our partner organisation in Ghana.

A permanent part of the development cooperation of AIM. is the participation of teenager. This is not only happening in Komenda, but also in Freiburg through the AIM. Youth.


The focus of African Information Movement is public relations as well as the fundraising, which are closely connected.

With the reconnoitring and sensitisation especially of the Youth we are building a wide awareness for developmental issues.  This is one of the requirements for the people to be either active themselves or to raise financial means for our Ghanaian partner, especially for the construction of the training center.

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The project region


AIM. is working in a green and very fertile area inKomenda (Central Region), a rural center at the coast of the Atlantic. The area is also very interesting for visitors and tourist, since the regional capital Cape Coast can be reached in 30 minutes by car. Cape Coast is the most visited city in the whole of Ghana.



The region is embossed by poverty due to the lack of industry and working space and is among the poorest regions in Ghana. Amongst others the breakdown of a big sugar factory also Komenda is missing economic potential. 12.000 people are living in the catchment area, more than one half is older than 18 years and the main industry is fishery and farming (55,4%). Furthermore there are very small business, which are mainly producing various daily objects, as well as many workers, who are employed in the informal sector.



Komenda has some resources who could be used for touristic reasons. The village has a historical center with buildings from the colonial time and there are many stories and myths, which are very interesting. Furthermore Komenda is directly located at the seaside and can offer beautiful beaches typical for tropical regions.



Regarding infrastructure and economics Komenda is developed weakly, but the village is an educational center due to many higher and continuative schools. There are four public  Junior High Schools (JHS), one Senior High School (SHS, has a similar degree to the German A-levels), as well as a Teacher Training College (public education center for teacher).