“Education is our future”


One of the biggest global challenge of our time is to fight the gap between rich and poor, the big gap between the development of big industrial states and the poorest countries in the world (known as North-South divide).

The accelerated progress makes it very hard for nations to keep up, who are already left behind.

This situation is especially alarming for the sub-Saharan Africa.

Developing countries are often stuck in a vicious circle of economic dependence, high national debts, instable public conditions or poor government. That’s why most of the time there are no resources for educational and health system, or a sustainable environmentalism.

Development aid and development collaboration is going on for many years now. But the desired success didn’t show up everywhere. Most important is now not to give up, but to correct mistakes which were made and improve them in the future.
Especially chances to better education is crucial and important for a self-determined life of a personal.

“No part of the world can survive without the other part”


With the construction of the training center we are starting an education initiative, which will give an educational purpose to young people in the rural area and will enlarge education possibilities in this community.

New, attractive perspectives and possibilities in the villages will determine the fluctuation of young people from villages to cities and will empower the people the reach their goals independently.

We want to contribute that young people in other parts of the world have similar possibilities to determine themselves like it is possible in Germany.

That’s why it’s also of importance from AIM. to educate the population in Germany about the situation in Ghana and to sensitise them for the fate of other people.