Culture Group

The Culture Group „Akatakyi Dance Theater“ was founded in 2006 as one of the first activities in Komenda.


At the beginning workshops about traditional dancing and drumming was held, where teenagers were teaching other members of the group about the history of the national dances.

In 2009 AIM. was able to gain a professional teacher, who is part of the “Trinity- and Korye Dance Thater” in Cape Coast. He is teaching the members singing, drumming and dancing. With this lessons a professional group as formed, who is practicing 2-3 times a week. With this coaching the quality of the dances improved, so the Culture Group is able to perform on many different events.

One of this is the performance during the publication of the “African Kiss” CD in the Goethe Institute in Accra 2010. Furthermore the Culture Group is performing on weddings, funerals and other events in the central region of Ghana, like the performance at the yearly Komenda festival in 2012. Furthermore a “Peace Promoting Festival” was organised shortly before the elections in November 2012, where the Culture Group performed as the main act and appealed with their music and dance for peaceful elections.

Culture Group

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