Facts and figures

Our achievements

80 percent of what we have achieved so far has been funded by private donations, collected by our partner organisation in Germany (African Information Movement, Deutschland), as well as income generated by AIM. Ghana.

  • Founding of 2 youth clubs (Komenda JHS, Ayensudo JHS), which offer educational and proffessional support as well as athletic activities for their members. The larger youth club in Komenda was officially founded in 2007.
  • Establishing the AIM. Cultural drumming & dancing group, Komenda
  • Realisation of projects to create a youth magazine within the K.E.E.A district (among Senior High School / SHS students) . Accompanying workshops on journalism and graphic design.
  • Completion and publishing of the first edition of „The Youth Speaks KEEA“, 1st print: 750 copies.
  • Establishing the AIM. music, singing & dancing group, Komenda & Ayensudo
  • Implementation of various community cleaning campaigns with the youth of Komenda
  • Initiating the AIM. Beach cleaning campaign (this received national print, tv and radio coverage in Ghana!)
  • Recording of a proffessional music album with the AIM. youth and popular Ghanaian musicians (financed through AIM. Germany with the help of EU “Youth in Action”-funds).
  • Publishing the AIM. music album “African Kiss – riddims for education”



The main vision of AIM. is to enable the youth in the Komenda-Edina-Eguafo-Abirem district to attractively shape their communities. There are a number of reasons for that:


  • The youth demographic are more than 30% of the ghanaian population.
  • Often times, young people do not get a chance to develop the vast potential that lies in their energy and creative capabilities.
  • Youth and children are every country’s future, and should therefore be strengthened and supported to the fullest. This is the only way to deal with future challenges in an enthusiastic way, and to initiate meaningful change.



The purpose of AIM. is to spur self-confidence within youth and children, enabling them to realize their individual capbilities. Futhermore, they should be accompanied in their development as indepedent and creative individuals. Through that, their self-worth should be strengthened.



Priciples & values:


  • Honesty & accountability
  • Devotion of employees
  • Establishing and nurture of partnerships
  • Respect towards the communities and partners



  • Improving access to Information- and Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Improvement of technical, proffessional, social and cultural competences through targeted training of youth and the help of ICT
  • Helping young people to identify with and establish a healthy relationship towards their environment.
  • Helping to fight climate change in Ghana
  • Promotion of Eco-Tourism in Ghana
  • Vouching for local democracy and human rights