Youth Magazine

„The Youth speak K.E.E.A“


… is the title of the Youth Magazine, which first edition was released in July 2010.


The creation of the magazine is based on weekly workshops which take place on various Senior High School, where topics, articles and creative texts like poems or short stories are discussed and edited.

The idea to publish a Youth Magazine occurred in 2009 from the thought to improve the ICT- and English knowledge and to deepen the reading and writing skills of students. Furthermore journalistic knowledge is conveyed in the workshops.


The workshops deal with topics, which are either directly affecting the students or are of international interest, like politics, environment and cultural or social affairs. Through the workshops the students receive access to more information and are supported to create their own opinion.

Supported by a volunteer the students are able to enlarge their literary level and tackle a task regarding their personal interests and journalistic work like theater and photography.