Youth work

The AIM. Youth Club was founded as a result of research in October 2005 to support educational opportunities in Komenda.


The first Youth Club was founded in January 2007 in Komenda and officially introduced on the 14th January 2008. In April 2009 a second Youth Club was opened in Ayensudo.


The Youth Club is supporting his members aged 12 to 19 years regarding their self-determined, social and thoughtful development and is an exchange level between school and home of the students.


On this level the teenagers grow together and have the possibility to exchange ideas and interests and to express themselves.

All activities of the Youth Club consider the interests of the students for example with their active deciding and planning of own activities.


In addition the Youth Club gives the teenager the opportunities to develop their personality, discover and fulfill their potentials and set up a social network over the school and community. Therefore the focus of the Youth Club is on the discovery, support and encouragement in their interests, talents and skills.


This goal is reached through the workshops, where the teenagers have access to social, cultural, environmental and creative topics and are able to discuss them.

Furthermore excursions are organised, for example to Elmina castle or the Kakum National Park. The individual workshops are also undertaking various excursions.


The workshops include the work on the Youth Magazine, a radio project, a movie workshop, a theater group, an environmental workshop and the culture group „Akatakyi Dance Theatre“.