That’s how you support us!


At the moment all of the donations are used to finish our main project “Construction of a local training center”. But there are also possibilities to donate for specific projects of our partner organisation, admin tasks or the Youth work in Germany.
We are happy about every type of devotion!


Please transfer your donation to following donation account (German bank):


African Inf. Movement e.V.
Sparkasse Freiburg Ndl. Breisgau

Bank identifier code: 68050101
Account number: 13138471
IBAN: DE34 68 0501 0100 1313 8471


Purpose of use (for example): Donation educational work in Ghana

Donations within Ghana


You are also able to transfer your donation directly to our Ghanaian Barclays bank account. But please keep in mind:


We can’t give you a donation receipt for these transactions.


Recipient: African Information Movement e.V.

Country: Ghana, GH

Account number: 371026053


Bank: Barclays Bank of Ghana Ltd.

Adress: P.O. BOX 255

City: Cape Coast

Land: Ghana


1. Donation receipt for financial donations


There is a fundamental rule: we can only give you a donation receipt, if you donated the money to the bank account of AIM. Germany. Only in special cases AIM. will give you a donation receipt for donations received in cash, and only if the cash was received by an employee of AIM. Germany, who is than in charge to transfer the money to the bank account of AIM. Germany. Furthermore you’ll only receive a donation receipt for single bank transactions.


A transaction to the bank account of AIM. Germany should include following information, to be able to give a correct proof for the finance office:
Donation + purpose of use + first and last name of donor + address

Donation for AIM. for the donor circle of a weltwärts volunteer:
Donation + name of volunteer


For donations up to 200 € a simple donation receipt is permitted, whereby the donor can proof his donation in the following way:
with a cash pay-in slip or a confirmation of the bank


The confirmation has to include the name and the account number of purchaser and recipient, the amount and the day of bookkeeping entry. The finance office won’t accept stamped transfer vouchers anymore. The donor has to give a proof with a accounts current. In the case that the donor doesn’t have a bank account with the concerned bank, a cash pay-in slip of the bank saying “payment succeeded” is permitted.


That is the reason why AIM. is only giving out donation receipts for amounts under 200 EUR on a concrete demand of the donor.


For donations from 200 EUR AIM. is giving out automatically a donation receipt.


This will be given out in the first month of the following year. If the donor wants to receive his donation receipt earlier, the donor has to request this from AIM..

2. Donation receipt for donations in kind


Donations in kind out of the business assets
The donor has to give following information to AIM., to receive a donation receipt:
Expandable value
This value will be, due to the information of the tax accountant, estimated with a part value or a book value.


Donations in kind out of private assets
The donor has to give following information to AIM., to receive a donation receipt:
New item: Invoice
Old item: Invoice and wear values of the item (needs to be proofed, for example using a picutre) or a report over the current value of the item.

3. Membership feeds


For the membership fees donation receipts can be issued after the donor demands for it.