Von Entwicklungszielen ueber Umweltmanagement zum Vizepraesidenten

Von Entwicklungszielen ueber Umweltmanagement zum Vizepraesidenten

[Dies ist der siebente Artikel unseres Projektmanagers Solomon Appiah. Mit seinen wöchentlichen Berichten im AIM. – Blog möchte er uns einen Einblick in die Geschichte, die grossen und kleinen Probleme der Gegenwart, tägliche Begebenheiten und Traditionen in Komenda geben. In dem heutigen Artikel berichtet er ueber die Teilnahme am MDGs Campaign Workshop.

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Ghana Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)

Training workshop

Report from Solomon Appiah


The Millennium Development Goals Campaign is a network of civil society engaged in an advocacy to ensure the attainment of the MDGs in Ghana. As part of its activities, the campaign is to monitor progress towards achieving the goals within three pilot districts i.e.


Afram Plains North and



African Information Movement (AIM.) was given an official invitation to partake in an two-day workshop by the Chief of Executive Officer (CEO) of Social Enterprise Development Foundation Of West Africa (SEND Foundation) upon recommendation by Mr. Habib Mohammed planning Officer Of K.E.E.A. district assembly and Mrs Koomsen’s daughter (Adobia) from ANCER. AIM. was represented by Justina Entsuah-Mensah (Proposed Local Board member and proposed Youth Club Leader) and Solomon Appiah (Project Manager).


African Information Movement (AIM.) was actively involved in roundtable discussion on issues pertaining socio-economic and political stands of the people of Ghana. However AIM. was applauded and given standing ovation for its contribution in waste management. AIM. Project Manager Solomon Appiah brought to the participants the strategy AIM. has adopted in managing waste in Komenda. That is – selling a pure water for ¢ 400 (normal price in Komenda) under condition that if you are able to bring the sachet back, you will get a change of ¢ 100 of which the neighbours of AIM. – Project Coordinator Joern Preuss are actively responding. That’s Mr. Joern concept. The organizers of the meeting welcomed the concept whole-hearted and tasked the various organizations to adopt AIM.’s strategy. They also promised to send the concept to the national level.



After the workshop, 11-member monitoring team was established to monitor progress towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals in the Komenda – Edina – Eguafo – Abrem District Assembly. However, African Information Movement Project Manager Solomon Appiah was appointed the vice-president/chairman of the district monitoring team.

Solomon Appiah

Projektmanager von African Information Movement AIM. in Ghana;

Lehrer und Journalist;

Gewählter Gemeinderat vom K.E.E.A. Distrikt, Wahlbereich Komenda / Amatoe.