Ein Weg in die Zukunft? – Teil III

Ein Weg in die Zukunft? – Teil III

[Dies ist der fünfte Artikel unseres Projektmanagers Solomon Appiah. Mit seinen wöchentlichen Berichten im AIM. – Blog möchte er uns einen Einblick in die Geschichte, die grossen und kleinen Probleme der Gegenwart, tägliche Begebenheiten und Traditionen in Komenda geben.]

„Komenda In Retrospect And Present – A Way Forward?” – Part 3

“Hello! Hope you’ve enjoyed the last episode of my story about the famous water in Komenda (Pupuu). Actually I was dreaming about that “one early morning, when the moon was up, shining up and down, I saw wretched ghost, going up and down, singing to himself. Shall I go to Cape Coast or to Elmina?” I don’t know. Afternoon dreams are somehow difficult to understand. Then something occurred to me that I should write about the reason why people of Komenda like Pupuu a lot.

Well, I once told you that “Pupuu is Komenda and Komenda is Pupuu”. Meaning the people of Komenda cherish Pupuu a lot. I quite remember that one day, a cousin who came from the Ivory Coast to Komenda got a severe stomach pains and frankly speaking, it was very horrible. Just after drinking Pupuu, that pains stopped. That was magic. Guess so! You see how powerful the Pupuu can be.

Scary! Pupuu is a river god in Komenda. Two trees in the Pupuu are the gods. One of the trees is said to be a male god whiles the other tree is a female god. So they are more or less like a husband and the wife with their children being the fishes in the water.

I personally believe in spirit in plants and animals that is “Totem” so is most of the educated people in Komenda.

It is a taboo for anybody to have a catch in the Pupuu. Anyone who does so, does that at his / her own risk. Whatever the case maybe, those fishes are “untouchable”. For me, I like eating a soup or stew prepared with Pupuu.

Interestingly, during the dry season, guess what will be happening to the fishes after their habitat had been dried up? Well, you may have different opinions about that, but just keep your fingers cross and listen. Well naturally those fishes would just get vanished in the water without knowing where they’ve gone. Stop wondering.

Till then, keep smiling. Will you?”

Solomon Appiah

Projektmanager von African Information Movement AIM. in Ghana;
Lehrer und Journalist;
Gewählter Gemeinderat vom K.E.E.A. Distrikt, Wahlbereich Komenda / Amatoe.