KEEA organisiert Kulturfestival

KEEA organisiert Kulturfestival

Solomon Appieh ist Projektmanager von AIM. in Komenda, Ghana. In seinen Berichten erfahren wir mehr ueber das Leben in Ghana, die Geschichte unseres Projektorts Komenda und ueber die Aktivitaeten vor Ort.

Heute berichtet er ueber das Kulturfestival in Cape Coast Ende Juni:

It was a moment of joy when the district cultural coordinator for the KEEA
education office announced officially that there will be cultural Festival
in the district to mark the activities marking Ghana at 50 celebration. Many
disciplines including drumming and dancing, poetry recital, drum language,
exhibition and many more. However the celebration was done by circuit level.
Interestingly, AIMs concept of using pure water rubber to sow bag was done by
the school pupils for their artifacts. In her submission, the district
cultural coordinator Miss Akosua Adedia was very impressive for such a wonderful
ideas and concept from the pupils and caution the teachers to be up and doing so
as to promote our rich African culture.
Culture they say is the bedrock our development. She further explained that KEEA
to be precise is said to be among the  tourist centers in the country since the
district is endowed with so many historic attractions like the castles in the Elmina
and cave in Komenda.
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The coordinator appealed to the opinion leaders, the government, the NGOs,
chiefs and the district to rehablitate Komenda cave so as draw more tourist
into the Komenda township and this,will help promote economic activities and reducing poverty.
In an exclusive interview with Hon. Solomon Appiah the assenblyman for Komenda amotoe
electoral area said he would try his possible best led the crusade of promoting Komenda cave.
”I will use all my resources and my capacity to make sure that rehablitation of the Komenda
cave becomes a reality”. He stressed. Hon.Appiah further caution those who win sand around the
Komenda College to desist from such practice before the law takes it course.
Very soon my office and the local council will enback on a positive action
dubbed ”operation stop sand winning in Komenda”. The assemblyman lamented.
He concluded by caution all government agencies and the coporate bodies
including NGOs to help kicking out the activities of sand winning in Komenda and
this he said will help and protect the government from spending huge sums of
money in building sea defence of which the money could be used for other developmental
projects in the town.

by Hon. Solomon Appiah

AIM. Project Manager.