Hannah aus Komenda

Hannah aus Komenda

Im Folgenden der zweite Beitrag eines unserer Jugendclubmitglieder – diesmal Hannah, ein 16-jähriges Mädchen, das uns ein Kochrezept für „Fufu” verfasst hat. Über jegliche Anmerkungen und ganz besonders Verbesserungsvorschläge freuen sich die Jugendlichen weiterhin sehr – denn das Feedback soll vom Blogpublikum, nicht von den Jugendclubleitern kommen.


My name is Hannah Efua Appiah. I come from Mankasim but I stay at Komenda and I stay at Anamako near the Lorry Station. I am sixteen years old and fair in complexion. I attend school at Komenda JHS B at the back of the Police Station and Zion prayer followship. I am in JSS two and I like the subjects that my teachers teach me. But the best subjects I like are Mathematics and English. The game I like best is Ampe and soccer. The food I like best is Fufu and groundnut soup.

How to prepare fufu and palm nut soup and things they use for preparing fufu and groundnut soup:

The soup:

1)      Groundnut

2)      Pepper

3)      Tomatoes

4)      Onion

5)      Fish

6)      Water

7)      Salt

8)      Meat

9)      Maggi

The fufu:

1)      Cassava

2)      Plantain

3)      Water

First off all, you have to make your fire; then you make your fish nice and clean your pan well and put your fish, tomatoes, onion, some water and salt into it and put in on the fire. When it is stewing you put some water into the pot, after that grind some pepper and onion and put it into the water on the fire. Then when it is boiling you remove the tomatoes, grind them and put them into the pot with the other ingredients again. Leave it boiling for some time while mixing your groundnut paste with water until it is a lot more liquid. After that pour the diluted groundnut paste into the pot with the other ingredients. Leave it boiling for some time and the soup is finished.

For the Fufu I have to make my fire first. I clean my pan and wash my cassava and plantain and put both into it – for every piece of plantain I take 2 pieces of cassava. Then I add some water to it, seal the pot with a rubber bag and boil the cassava and the plantain on the fire. When it is ok for me I throw the water away. I then take the cassava and plantain and use the pestle to pound it gradually adding the cassava and plantain to the pot I pound it in.

Enjoy your delicious fufu with groundnut soup.