Eric’s Ankunft in Ghana

Eric’s Ankunft in Ghana

[Dies ist der sechste Artikel unseres Projektmanagers Solomon Appiah. Mit seinen wöchentlichen Berichten im AIM. – Blog möchte er uns einen Einblick in die Geschichte, die grossen und kleinen Probleme der Gegenwart, tägliche Begebenheiten und Traditionen in Komenda geben.

„Eric Arrives Ghana”

“It was a moment of joy when Eric (the new volunteer of African Information Movement AIM.) set his feat on our motherland. Actually, we kept very long before seeing him as many people were trouping in and out of the airport after the plane has arrived (12:54 pm). Thank God he came out with smiles all over his face. Looking as if he was going to be welcomed with a “Big Fufu”. If Eric could look very cheerful without a fufu then he could dance even more then Mr. Ben (our first volunteer) after having his first experience with the famous Ghanaian dish (fufu). I am not a prophet but I could prophesise that Eric may like fufu even more than Mr. Joe Evers. For Mr. Michi (Michael von Stackelberg; beide im Vorstand von AIM. in Deutschland), I can’t tell, for I learnt he holds Professor in fufu eating. Well, that was a comic relief. Hope things will move on successfully vis-à-vis the activities of African Information Movement.

You know what? Guess!. It was a “boom” and merry-making after the Salsa Man (Mr. Kojo Mbir, Vorsitzender des Vorbereitungskommitees für den Aufbau des ghanaischen Vereinsvorstandes, begleitet den Verein in Ghana seit seiner Gründung) finally had his salsa music. I wish you could be there to see the drama but as saying goes “if wishes were to be horses, beggars might have ride” i.e. adage of our culture. For me I will reserve my comment for the time being. Now let review the fufu chat with their qualifications

Name Qualification

Joe Evers Doctorate in fufu eating

Michi Professor in fufu eating

Ben First degree in fufu eating

Joern First degree in fufu eating

Eric Undergraduate

Gosh! Who holds masters in fufu? Find out for yourself. Till then, keep smiling. Will you? “

Afeshiapa” – Merry Christmas and “Joseph” – New Year. Adieu!”

Solomon Appiah

Projektmanager von African Information Movement AIM. in Ghana;

Lehrer und Journalist;

Gewählter Gemeinderat vom K.E.E.A. Distrikt, Wahlbereich Komenda / Amatoe.