"Du kannst nicht lachen."

"Du kannst nicht lachen."

[Dies ist der vierte Artikel unseres einheimischen Projektmanagers Solomon Appiah. Mit seinen wöchentlichen Berichten im AIM.-Blog möchte er uns einen Einblick in die Geschichte, die grossen und kleinen Probleme der Gegenwart, tägliche Begebenheiten und Traditionen in Komenda geben.

Kritik und Kommentare, Lob und Hintergrundfragen ausdruecklich erwünscht und erhofft.]


“Gentlemen and ladies, bald headed babies, I stand behind you to stand before you to tell you something of which I know nothing.

Next Thursday, which is a very fine Friday, admission is free but pay at the door. Take your seats and stand on the floor. Wear your best dress even though you haven’t got any and enjoy my upside down story. One early morning in the middle of the night, two dead boys were fighting back to back; they took up their swords and shot at each other. A deaf policeman heard the noise and came to their rescue.

Gosh! If you don’t believe my story ask the blind man. He saw it too. Ha-ha-ha!! Little boys and their names. Till them, keep smiling. Will You?

Solomon Appiah

Project Manager of African Information Movement AIM.

Teacher & Journalist

Assemblyman of Komenda, electoral area of Amatoe