Appell an Komenda

Appell an Komenda

Gernot Erler und AIM.

[Dies ist der siebente Artikel unseres Projektmanagers Solomon Appiah. Mit seinen Berichten im AIM. – Blog von möchte er uns einen Einblick in die Geschichte, die grossen und kleinen Probleme der Gegenwart, tägliche Begebenheiten und Traditionen in Komenda geben.

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„German Minster Charges Komenda”

“The Member of Parliament for Freiburg constituency and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany Mr. Gernot Erler has charged the people of Komenda to embrace the project of African Information Movement with all their heart and strength. He said this when the African Information Movement paid a courtesy call on him at La-Palm Beach Hotel during his just ended official visit to Ghana to partake in the partnership Africa youth programme – “German Africa Forum – two generations, one future”. He was among the entourage who accompanied the German President Mr. Horst Koehler to the programme in Accra, Ghana.

In an exclusive interview with Ahomka 99.5 FM, Mr. Erler was very happy to visit Ghana and at the same time sees people in his constituency (Freiburg, Germany) in Ghana. The Minister further explained the initiative by the young people in his constituency to help the youth of Komenda to create wealth and employment avenues for themselves and contribute their quotes towards the development of Komenda. Mr. Erler who is also the umbrella for African Information Movement, pledges his support towards the realization of the project and tasked the Ghanaian counterpart to be up and doing so as to make the project move very fast. The project when completed will remove rural-urban drift among the young prospect in Komenda in search for the white-colla jobs in the cities.

However, Mr. Erler also showed his willingness to visit the people of Komenda anytime he visits Africa or hopefully next year to inspect the project and to interact with the youth of Komenda. He also holds the opinion that this relationship could be strengthening to facilitate an exchange programme between the people of Komenda and Freiburg.

The minister also commended Ghana’s President Mr. Agyekum Kufour for his role in maintaining peace and stability in Ghana and Africa as a whole vis-à-vis conflict resolution and good governance.

Miss Anne-Christine von Duhn who is the secretary to the German Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs was highly impressed about her presence in Ghana. “Ghanaians are very friendly and sociable. In fact I have vistited many African countries but Ghana is an exception.”, she stated.

However, AIM. led by Mr. Joern Preuss was very thankful to the Minister and promised raise the image of Germany in Komenda and the country in general and thereby working hand-in-hand with the youth of Komenda and the District Assembly to help build the project. Mr. Preuss later presented a gift to the Minister and his Secretary and wished them safe journey back to Germany.”

Solomon Appiah

Projektmanager von African Information Movement AIM. in Ghana;

Lehrer und Journalist;

Gewählter Gemeinderat vom K.E.E.A. Distrikt, Wahlbereich Komenda / Amatoe.