Aim is an NGO located in Komenda, in The K.E.E.A Municipality. It’s core mandate is to train the youth in Komenda in various projects like, ICT, Solar, Movie etc. young German volunteers come in every year. This year, we happen to receive two volunteers, Anna and Ronja who came to help in the field of movie and solar respectively. We are in the half year of this year’s voluntary service but unfortunately Anna has to returned back home to Germany upon advice from Kulture Life the sending organization. The mid year Evaluation Seminar was then organized this year with only Ronja. Topics that were reflected on include:

*Interpersonal Relationships      *Cultural Balances and Differences and Integration

*Communication (Channel and Grapevine) and Matters Arising from Kulture Life

*Accommodation and Finances after which we had a very nice launch break.

Just after the launch break, we continued the mid-year seminar on below topics.

*Holidays            *Training and Project     *Expectations for the next half year       *Health Issues

*Echoes from Weltwaet Seminar             *Any Other Matter         *Closure and Departure